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Application Of Silicone Oil In Cosmetics

Nov 13, 2014

Silicone oil has dissolution function on a variety of vitamins and bactericide. And cosmetics made by silicone oil can form a thin hydrophobic film on the surface of the skin. Silicone oil is not afraid of soap, and can effectively prolong the role of nourishing cream and medicine cream. 

The addition of silicone oil can make sunscreen not easy to be washed away by sea water or sweating, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet damage. The foundation cream added silicone oil can protect the skin from the harm of pigment and solvent. Using antiperspirant deodorant made with silicone oil on the skin, can be helpful to reduce the clogging the pores, clean the skin, and remove the stains without stimulation and allergy. The hair care products used silicone oil, such as oil, the hair cream, and mousse, can make any hairstyle you like in any temperature, and can effectively prevent the saturation with external moisture or water evaporation imbalance. Cosmetics containing silicone oil, such as lipstick, powder, mascara, dyed eye oil, make-up pen, nail polish, perm liquid and blush, have not too much fat. They can accelerate the diffusion and distribution of components of cosmetics, and also prolong the effective time.

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