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Agricultural organo silicone surfactant and silicone resin

May 9, 2014

SILIBASE SILICONE is a professional manufacturer that specialized in producing andselling all kinds of SILICONE BASED new materials.

Agricultural organo silicone surfactant can be used in the detergent, electroplating cleaner, resistance welding flux, pesticide, paint, printing ink, resinadditives, coating, printing ink, ink, pigment dispersion. It is the essentialdaily chemical materials. Its features are water soluble and oil soluble, lowsurface tension, excellent wettability and spreadability and flow property,excellent dispersion, excellent resistance to hydrolysis stability. The mostimportant is completely non-toxic and can be at ease use. Our products are madeof the efficient new nonionic organic silicone surfactants, which are especiallyused in pesticide field. It can greatly reduce the surface tension of the medicament system, offers an excellent spreadability, wetting and dispersingeffect. Nevertheless, it can greatly promote the permeability of drugs on leafarea, and enhance plants to absorb medications for the work. to reducepesticide usage and application number.

Moreover, silicone resin, a kind of hot solid plastic, the most outstanding performance is excellentthermal oxidation stability. Another highlight of the silicone resin isexcellent electrical insulation properties. It can maintain its good insulatingproperties in wide temperature and frequency range. In addition, the siliconealso has excellent resistant to moisture, waterproof, antirust, cold resistant,resistant to ozone and weather resistance. So, silicon resin can be used asanticorrosive coatings, metal protective coatings, construction waterproofcoating, release agents, adhesives and secondary processed into organic siliconplastic, as well as used in electrical, electronic and defense industry, as asemiconductor packaging materials and insulation parts of electronics,electrical appliances, etc. 

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