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About leveling agent

Jan 14, 2014

Leveler fiber yarn, line or the fabric dyeing process, to promote the dyeing uniformity, do not produce the color spots, such as the added material defects.
Leveling agent most is water soluble of surfactant, according to leveler to dye diffusion and gathered the influence of water level, mainly divided into two types: kiss fibrous leveler and close the dye sex leveler. Leveler is slow dye move color sex and sex, can effectively improve the levelness of the dyes to reach even the result of dyeing, so as to improve the performance of the dye application.

Pro fibrous leveler of the fiber has some kind of affinity, in dyeing process will compete with the dye dyed table, then gradually replaced by dye, rise to slow the role of dye. Used anionic surfactant is some type, such as fatty alcohols sulfate, etc.

Close the dye sex leveler can greatly improve the dye gathered degrees, the affinity of dye is greater than the affinity of the fibers dye, dye before the dye, leveler first and dye combined with some stability of the aggregate of generation, which reduces the dye diffusion rate, delaying the dyeing time. Along with the conditions of the change, the dye gradually away from the leveler, and fiber combination, but at the moment leveler to dye there is still a certain affinity for don't dye fabric can also dyes from down the fiber, the dyeing to colour and lustre is shallow place, so close dye sex leveler with slow dye, move color effect. Belong to the kind of material have some non-ionic surface active agent, such as fatty alcohols or alkyl poly vinyl ether phenol oxygen.

In addition, according to the applied in fiber type, leveler can also be divided into natural fiber with leveler, polyamide fiber with leveler, acrylic use leveler, polyester with leveler and blended fabric with leveler, etc.

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