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New high-tech waterproof products -- 2016-11-25

Cement waterproofing agent is a chemicaladmixture, added to the cement, when the cement coagulation hardening, followedby volume expansion, shrinkage and tension compensation from the prestressingand fully fill the role of cement gap. Waterproof agent, also known aswaterproof fine, plugging Wang, plugging Ling, a new waterproof material, andorganic and inorganic two, is a new high-tech waterproof products. High-gradefatty acid mortar waterproofing agent with waterproof long life, wideapplication ...

Features of Silicone Softener -- 2016-11-24

Silicone Quaternary Ammonium Salt can beused for hydrophilic finishing of fabrics. It can give the fabric a good waterabsorption, sweat absorption, softness, smoothness, resilience, antistaticproperty. And non-toxic, harmless, is an efficient, safe, multi-functional softfinishing agent. Silicone quaternary ammonium salt in addition to the fabricused for anti-bacterial softening, but also can be used for other materials onthe surface. For example, in the wood, leather, non-woven fabrics,polyureth ...

Performance Characteristics of Silicone Softener -- 2016-11-23

Soluble in water, water solution isextremely stable, good compatibility;Giving the fabric soft, smooth, plump, andhas a good drape and fluffy;Excellent water absorption and goodpermeability;Hygroscopicity, antistatic property;Has a good resilience, resistant to fold;Working fluid stability, not broken, notdrift oil;High temperature yellowing minimal.

Softener -- 2016-11-22

Softener is an organopolysiloxane polymerand polymer complexes, for natural fiber textiles such as cotton, wool, silk,linen and the human hair soft finishing.Silicone fabric finishing auxiliaries havea wide range of applications in fabric finishing. The additive can not onlydeal with natural fiber fabrics, but also deal with polyester, nylon and othersynthetic fiber. Anti-wrinkle, anti-fouling, anti-static, anti-pilling,fullness, softness, elasticity and luster, smooth, cool and pretty style. Si ...

Development history of silicone softener -- 2016-11-21

Silicone softener development history canbe traced back to the 1940s. As early as 1940, people try to impregnate thefabric with dimethyl dichlorosilane, in order to get some kind of waterproofeffect. But the use of dimethyldichlorosilane will release the process ofharmful to human body and fabric of hydrogen chloride gas.In 1945, people with sodium silicatesolution of alkali impregnated fabric, found that the fabric by weak acidtreatment, in 110 ° C ~ 120 ° C after drying has a good waterproof ...

Derivative effect -- 2016-11-18

The final action to be considered is thederivatizing reaction. In this step, the reaction group added to the functionalaction step is further reacted to give a new compound, and the reaction of thehydroxyl group with the polydimethylsiloxane copolymer polyol is an example ofsuch a reaction. In fact, a series of surface-active siloxanes, comparable to alarge number of standard surfactants, have been developed and marketed. Siliconeesters are an excellent example of the effect of derivatization on ...

Polyimide film tape -- 2016-11-17

In a variety of self-lubricating engineering plastics, polyimide as a result of outstanding thermal stability, mechanical properties, anti-radiation and solvent resistance, and in high temperature, high and low pressure and high speed and other extreme environments have good friction and wear properties , Is a class of potential applications in the field of tribology of the matrix material.Therefore, the tribological properties of various polyimides have been attracting more and more attentions ...

Physical properties of silicone -- 2016-11-16

Due to the unique structure of silicone,Both inorganic and organic materials, the performance of materials,With low surface tension, viscosity-temperature coefficient of small, high compressibility, high gas permeability and other basic properties,And has high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, oxidation stability, weatherability, flame retardant, hydrophobic, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic tasteless and physiological inertness, and other excellent features,Widely used in aerospace, ...

Silicone physical structure -- 2016-11-15

 (1)Adequate methyl groups on Si atoms shield the high-energy polysiloxane backbone; (2) C-H non-polarity, so that the interaction between molecules is very weak;(3)Si-O bond length is longer, Si-O-Si bond bond angle.(4) The Si-O bond is a covalent bond with a 50% ionic bond (the covalent bond has a directionality and the ion bond has no directionality).

Overview of Agricultural Silicone Surfactants: -- 2016-11-14

Surfactant BasicInformation:Pesticides andsurfactants: pesticide formulations can not be separated from the surfaceactive agent, pesticide formulations (including: EC, water emulsion,microemulsion, wet powder, soluble powder, dispersible granules, granules,etc.) Processing to add different types of surfactants.The addition of surfactants greatly reduces the surfacetension of the solution and enhances the wetting, spreading and adhesion of theagents in the plant or pest surface, thereby impro ...

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