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New Products

  • Water Proofing Agent for Plasterboard

    Product Name:Water Proofing Agent  for PlasterboardApplication: For fire-extinguishing agent (dry powder), textile, paper, metal, leather, wooden, glass, cement, pottery, marble, etc.Other Names: China MethylhydrogenHigh Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid High&nbs...

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  • Water Repellent Treatment

    Product Name:  Water Repellent Treatment Application: Gypusm and plasterboardOther Names: Methylhydrogen SiloxanePolymethylhydrosilxoaneMethylhydropolysiloxaneSilicone Hydride FluidKey Features and BenefitsExcellent water repellency but moderate softnessSpecifications: Appearance:Colorless,&nbs...

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  • Methyl Hydrogeno Polysiloxane

    Product Name: Methyl Hydrogeno PolysiloxaneCAS No.: 63148-57-2Key Features and BenefitsExcellent water repellency but moderate softnessSpecifications: Hydrogen Content: 1.58-1.60%Viscosity: ( 25°C, mm2/s) 20.00-30.00Volatile Content: (150°,3H) ≤3%Flash Point: ≥160°CAppe...

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  • Phenyl Based Products

    Main Products: Diphenyldimethoxysilane, Triphenylsilanol, Octaphenylcyclotetrasiloxane, Methylphenyldimethoxysilane, Cyclophenylmethicone, HMePh-group silicone resins, MePh-group silicone oil(mono-MePh chains oil), HTV phenyl silicone rubber(MePh-chains), 1,1,5,5-tetramethyl-3,3-diphenyltrisiloxane

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  • Silicone Oil for Gypsum

    Product: Silicone Oil for GypsumItem No.: Silibase-8484CAS No.: 63148-57-2Similar World Famous Products: Momentive TSF484, Baysilone MH-20, Shinetsu KF-99, SisiB PF2020, Dow Corning MH 1007, GE SF1040, Rhodorsil H68, SILRES BS 94, GE Bayer MH 15, Bluesil WR68Key Features and BenefitsExcellent water repellency but moderate softnessSpecifications: Hydrogen Content: 1.58-1.60%Viscosity: ( 2...

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  • Silicone Surfactant

    Applications of Silicone SurfactantSilicone Surfactant is a type of low viscosity silicone polyether copolymer liquid used to enhance the performance of wetting, spreading and penetration of agricultural chemicals. Silicone Surfactant may be used as a formulation ingredient in water-soluble broadleaf herbicides and insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators, or as a tank-mix adjuvant for...

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  • Release Agent

    DescriptionsThese products have taken the advantages ofstrong hydrophobicity, large contact angle of water, excellent oxidationresistance, low surface tension, high chemical stability, non-toxic,non-irritating, no causing skin allergies, immiscibility in rubber, plastic oforganic siloxane, so that it achieves the functions of isolation, smoothnessand lubrication, making which an ideal candidate of...

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  • Antiadhesive Agent

    Product Name: Anti-adhesive AgentApplication: For fire-extinguishing agent (dry powder), textile, paper, metal, leather, wooden, glass, cement, pottery, marble, etc.Other Names: Silicone Hydride FluidPoly methyl hydrogen fluid202 Methyl Hydrogen silicone fluid...

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  • Anticorrosive Agent

    Product Name: Anticorrosive AgentApplication: For fire-extinguishing agent (dry powder), wooden, glass, textile, paper, metal, leather, cement, pottery, marble, etc.Other Names: Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid Methyl Hydrogen SiliconeMethylhydrogen SiloxaneMethyl Hydrogen Silicone OilMethyl Hydrogen PolysiloxaneKey Features and BenefitsExcellent water repellency but moderate softnessSpecifications:...

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  • Silicone Resin

    After several years of study and research, Silibase Silicone D&P develop a wide range of Silicone Resins. Product Lists as below: 1) Methyl Silicone Resin; 2) Methylphenyl Silicone Resin; 3) Modified Silicone Resin; 4) Specility Silicone Resins; Silibase Silicone Resin series products have these properties: high temperature resistance, good electrical insulation, resistant to moisture waterpro...

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  • Silicone Release Agent

    Release agent is a chemical used to prevent other materials from bonding to surfaces.It can provide a solution processes involving mold release, diecast release, plastic release, adhesive release, and tire and web release.

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  • Phenyl silicone oil

    SILIBASE SILICONE developed and produce new products: Phenyl silane, phenyl silicone oil, phenyl silicone rubber, phenyl silicone resin and so on. Main products including Phenyltrichlorosilane, Diphenyldichlorosilane, Diphenyldimethoxysilane, Diphenyldiethoxysilane, Phenyltrimethoxysilane, Phenyltriethoxysilane, Diphenylsilanediol, Octaphenylcyclotetrasiloxane, Triphenylchlorosilane...

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  • Curing Agent

    Silibase Silicone produce several kinds of Curing Agents for Rubber and silicone rubber. Our products names are: Silibase-45S-Curing Agent for silicone rubbers,Silibase-BC40B-Curing Agent for Crosslinking Agent,Silibase-45D-Curing Agent for natural and&nb...

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  • Hair Finishing Agent

    Hair Finishing Agent is special silicone complex, applied in handle feeling finishing of pure wool wearing. It can obtain excellent smooth, bulky and soft handle feeling. 

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  • Crosslinking Agent

    Silane Crosslinking Agent can be used in variety of applications, including silicone rubber, silicone sealant and etc. as crosslinker, curing agent and coupling agent. Silibase mainly produce:Phenyltris(methylethylketoximino)silane (POS);Methyltris(methylethylketoximino)silane(MOS);Vinyltris(methylehtylketoximino)silane(VOS);Methyltriacetoxysilane.

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  • Siloxane Intermediates

    Silibase Silicone produce siloxane intermediates ourself.Including:Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane(D5),Dimethylcyclosiloxane Mixture(DMC),Hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane(D3),Hexamethyldisiloxan(HMDSO),Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4),Hexamethyldisilazane (HMDZ),Hexamethyldisilane (HMD),Heptamethyldisilazane(HPMDS)Trimethylchlorosilane (TMCS),Iodotrimethylsilane(TMIS),N-Trimethysilylimidazole(TSIM),Dimeth...

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  • High temperature release agent

    Product Type:Silibase-285715Product Name:High temperature release agentStructure or component:Heat-modified silicone aqueous emulsionFeatures:This product is high stripping efficiency, with less good emulsion stabilityProlapse of the product can be on the coatings, paints and gilded;The oil phase can withstand mold temperatures (smoking, ingredients are not destroyed, not to be carbonized, no ...

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  • Alkyl Polyglucoside(APG)

    Alkyl Polylgucoside (APG) is a nonionic surfactant made by one step technology, its raw material is renewable plant: natural fatty alcohol and glucose, Alkyl Polylgucoside (APG) is with low surface tension, good solubility, strong detergency, anti high concentration of electrolyte, strong alkaline resistance, good thickening effect, good compatibility, it can improve the effect when...

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