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ABIL EM90 from Evonik Silibase-2825C


Item No.: Silibase-2825C
Equivalent Product: ABIL EM90 from Evonik
Application: Emulsifier for the formulation of cosmetic W/O creams and lotions

INCI name:Cetyl PEG-10 Dimethicone

Chemical and physical properties:
Appearance:hazy to turbid liquid
Low usage concentration of 1.5 - 2.5 %
Makes very stable W/O emulsions
Emulsifier for the preparation of Multiple (W/O/W) emulsions
Formulations with all kinds of cosmetic oils
High compatibility with active ingredients
Emulsions with high heat and freeze stability
Emulsifier designed to prepare water-in-oil emulsions with excellent stability, flexibility and aesthetic.
Many uses in skin care products such as:
Main emulsifier for water-in-oil creams and lotions: protective cream, cleansing lotion, night cream, sunscreen cream, baby cream, dry skin cream and lotion, moisturizing cream, foundation, hand and body cream and lotion.
Allows the preparation of multiple emulsions (water/oil/water, or W/O/W) and water in wax emulsions.
Co-emulsifier for oil-in water creams and lotions.
Skin conditioning properties in clear 2-in-1 shower gels.
Delivers light hair conditioning when formulated into shampoos. It can even be used in clear shampoo formulations.
Recommended usage concentration
Package and storage stability:
25 kg pail and 200 kg drums. 
24 months in closed containers