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Silicone release agent

Jul 6, 2016

Silicone release agent is a silicone oil asa base oil and the dispersion component, various additives formulated siliconesecondary processing products. Oil type, solution, emulsion, ointment type,aerosol type and delivery type and other forms. Widely used in rubber, plasticsand shell casting and other industries. Compared with other types of siliconeoil release agent release agent, it has the following characteristics: Surfacetension, flow easily show in the detail of the mold can be extremely thin film.For most non-hybrid polymer materials, excellent release properties. Good heatresistance and chemical stability of the materials in contact does not producechemical reactions, non-corrosive mold. Do not produce smoke or odor when in use.To clean the surface of the molded product, and can impart shine. Less coating,release lasting good. No physical activity, and some varieties can be used infood and food packaging materials forming the release.

Oil release agent means without any additives,in spring form your oil as a release agent product. Allowing parallel importsof solvent release, anti-stick handling the case, the mold can be directlybrush or anti-stick surface.

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