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What Material is Silicone Made of

Oct 14, 2020

Silica gel is polysilicon bai oxane rubber, polysiloxane used to be called silicone, the main chain structure of du is zhiSi-O-Si structure, silicon atoms are connected by oxygen dao atoms, and at least one organic group is connected. In 1940, Dr. Eugene RoChow made a major breakthrough in technology research and development. It was the earliest elemental polymer used in the industrial field. It has been widely used and developed due to its green environmental protection characteristics.
Polysiloxane main chain structure
Beginning in 1945, thermally vulcanized dimethyl silicone rubber has been effectively promoted. It is mainly composed of raw polydimethylsiloxane rubber added with reinforcing agents and vulcanizing agents, and vulcanized into high-performance elastic silicone after reaching corresponding pressure and temperature. Later, they developed room temperature vulcanized silica gel and addition type liquid silica gel that catalyzed the reaction of oxygen and silicon by platinum. Polysiloxane is between inorganic and organic polymers, so it has the excellent properties of both at the same time. Due to its special molecular structure, it has good insulation, high and low temperature resistance, fire retardant, antistatic, Tearing resistance and physiological inertia. It was successfully developed in my country after 1960, and it has been widely used in electrical, food, medical and health, automobiles, electronics and other fields to manufacture cables, sealing rings, baby products, toys, medical organs, protective fixtures and other products.

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