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Vinyl MQ silicone resin

May 18, 2020

This product is a new type of silicone polymer material with a three-dimensional (non-linear) structure composed of Si-O bonds as the skeleton. Thanks to its long-chain spherical molecular structure, it has good mechanical properties and high resistance. Low temperature, electrical insulation, moisture proof, waterproof and other excellent performance.
Application areas:
This product has a wide range of uses. It can be used as a base material for LED encapsulation adhesives, as well as reinforcing materials for liquid silica gel, pressure-sensitive adhesives, highly transparent silicone gels and liquid silicone rubber, thermal vulcanized silicone rubber compound, semiconductor components Reinforcing material without shell potting glue. The reinforced silicone rubber is colorless and transparent, and has high mechanical strength.
1. High light transmission performance, light transmission rate can reach more than 98%.
2. Excellent mechanical strength, excellent atmospheric resistance, can be used for a long time in the environment of -30 ℃ -250 ℃.
3. Good film-forming property, moderate flexibility, corrosion resistance and ultraviolet radiation resistance.
Technical index:
1. Viscosity (25 ℃, mpa.s) can be customized
2. Vinyl content (%) can be customized
Typical technical indicators
Item Product parameters
Model AM
Appearance colorless and transparent
Refractive index (mPa.s / 25 ℃) 1.405
Solid content (%) ≥96
Vinyl content (%) 1.80
Viscosity (mPa.s / 25 ℃) 13000-1800
Packaging and transportation:
1. Packed in polyethylene plastic drum, 5Kg / can, 50Kg / drum, 200Kg / drum;
2. Store and transport as non-dangerous goods
Storage conditions  :
This product should be sealed and stored in a dry, ventilated and cool place at normal temperature, not close to the fire source, avoid sunlight exposure, and avoid mixing impurities (especially catalysts, acids and alkalis).
Shelf life: 24 months
1. This product is chemically active. Impurities (especially catalysts) must not be mixed during storage and transportation. During use or compatibility, attention should be paid to whether other materials can initiate chemical reactions to prevent denaturation.
2. The product must be used in well-ventilated conditions, wear the necessary safety protection, avoid large amounts of human inhalation during construction, and prohibit consumption;
3. Use this product carefully, please pay attention to the items before and during use. In addition, the safety regulations stipulated by the relevant country or local government should also be followed.

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