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Used in civilian detergent

Jun 22, 2016

Amphoteric surfactants having good humannature lead to concord can be widely applied in the field of personaltoiletries. The other outstanding performance amphoteric surfactants, such as astrong anti-electrolyte performance, readily biodegradable, low toxicity, highdetoxification, efficient effect of low concentration in the liquid detergentcan improve the cleaning performance of the primary surfactant, etc. Good humanconcord makes amphoteric surfactant applications has been extended to a rangeof civilian detergent, dishwashing detergent type such as hand-washing,hand-washing fabrics detergents, hard surface cleaning agent, etc.

Amphoteric surfactants play in thegeneration of these formulations phosphorus additives, enzyme stabilizers,bleaching and color protection additives, and as a mild dishwashing detergentmain surfactant. Original washing powder or liquid detergent is the best choicebenzene sulfonate (LAS), but must be accompanied LAS sodium tripolyphosphateand other chelating builders to assist in detergent calcium and magnesium ionconcentration reduced to w (CaCO3) is 0 1mg / L or less.

Recent limit phosphorus and being banned insport, although breaking the golden combination between LAS and sodiumtripolyphosphate, but generally the amphoteric surfactants since the price isstill very difficult for washing articles. Until oligomeric alkyl amino RNnAaseries appeared, which makes amphoteric surfactants used in detergents in theemergence of dawn. Achieve acceptable price / performance ratio andunprecedented versatility.

The most important indicators of amphotericsurfactants in detergents personal toiletries and civilian applications may bein detoxification properties. Amphoteric surfactant and anionic surfactantcompound. To increase or improve the performance of anionic surfactants, themost important performance was undoubtedly reduce the toxicity of anionicsurfactants.

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