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The smaller the combing power, the better the combing of the hair.

Aug 8, 2018

The role of silicone oil in shampoo andhair care products

From the consumer's point of view, combingthe hair test is an important indicator of hair care products care benefits. Itmeans that when the size of the comb through the hair resistance encountered.It is not only the diameter, stiffness, curl, length, humidity and combmaterial, density and size of the properties and other factors related to hair.Also with the use of hair care products after flowing through the resistance,smoothness and moist hair and other factors related. Combing force is smaller,then comb the hair the better the care, the better the effect of hair careproducts. Therefore, the treatment efficiency testing in the cosmetics of thedevelopment process is very important. Foreign cosmetics industry researchers havedone a lot of research work in this regard, they evaluated the product combingcombing through function test changes tress.

Sales of hair care products on the markettoday added moisturizer conditioning, mostly with silicone-based siliconematerials, in particular polydimethylsiloxane, silicone emulsions,polyether-modified silicone oil most widely used. They can bring a goodmoisturizing effect is smooth hair products, and can effectively improve theperformance combing hair. However, according to the relevant information andexperimental results show that the silicone oil dispersion is relativelydifficult, and anti-foaming, viscous drop. To compensate for theseshortcomings, it is required to use more special emulsifier and a specialprocess, while increasing the amount of surfactant in use to compensate for theloss of product viscosity foam box. This not only increases the cost of theproduct, but also increases the irritation of the product.