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Technological conditions continue to improve

Aug 9, 2018

Fiber polyorganosiloxane Softener

Organopolysiloxane used as a softeningagent fiber began in the 1960s, originally based on dimethyl polysiloxaneemulsion as the main body. With the progress in the amino-modified silicone asa main component having a variety of modified siloxanes have joined the ranksof the softening agent and the formulation, process conditions, and other. Hasformed a lot of energy for a variety of fibers, fabrics with differentrequirements and variety series feel characteristics. In addition to softeningagent applied to the fiber, fabric soft good smoothness and feel characteristics,it must also meet the following five requirements.

1. Under various conditions soft finishingfinishing solution are stable.

2. Without reducing the fiber or fabricwhiteness and color fastness.

3. After finishing soft fiber or fabricheat does not change color, during storage should not produce changes in color,touch, taste and odor.

4. Different finishing requirements, canhave a proper water absorption, hydrophobicity, antistatic, washable or drycleaning.

5. Contact with the skin without adverse effects.