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Special coating base material

Apr 9, 2018

Silicone resin is excellent in thermal oxidation stability, cold resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation, water repellency and releasability release the like. Accordingly, the silicone is widely used as insulation resistance, high temperature paint. Such as H-class electrical appliances used to impregnate the coil has been reached with the insulation, impregnated peel ply, fiberglass and asbestos cloth, made of electrical insulation casing and electrical insulation around the wire. Bonded mica powder or debris into the main high-voltage motors insulation mica plate and mica tube and mica heterosexual materials. Adhesive glass cloth made of laminated boards and electronic appliances, machine parts and moisture, corrosion, salt spray and other discharge protection material used. As a special coating the base material for the preparation of heat-resistant coatings, weather-resistant coating, wear by hard coating, anti-sticking coating film, ablative coatings and waterproof coatings. As the base material or the main raw material used in making adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives and other moisture. As the base polymer for the preparation of high resistance, low temperature, electrically insulating molding plastics, electronic components, materials and housing encloses a spongy products.