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Special Defoamer for Washing Powder to Solve the Problem of Washing Powder Foam.

Jan 14, 2021

Of course, washing powder is indispensable in daily necessities. What is the reason why we should use detergent defoamer instead of washing powder and laundry fluid? The more foam, the better the washing effect. The less foam will reduce the decontamination ability. This view is one-sided. The decontamination ability of laundry products depends on the variety, proportion and quantity of active substances and the performance of detergent aids.

How does the foam of laundry detergent come into being?
When the water is stirred, it is equal to the pressure exerted by the feed water, and the air enters the water, forming bubbles.
Surfactant itself can reduce the surface tension of the material, and the gas is easier to enter into the water to form bubbles, that is to say, in the presence of surfactant in water, the same stirring force can form more bubbles than pure water. The higher the "activity" of surfactant, the more bubbles formed.

Now there is a special defoaming agent for washing, to solve all bubble problems for you.
The special defoamer for washing powder is a kind of defoamer developed for the special environment of washing powder. It is mainly a spherical granular defoamer processed by special equipment through special structure of silicone and inorganic carrier. Washing powder defoamer has a strong anti foam performance, will not affect the washing effect in the washing stage due to foam, and will not affect the washing effect of silicone because of silicone. The characteristic of this product is that it can inhibit foam for a long time. It can also be used in rinsing stage. It is a kind of defoamer with excellent comprehensive performance.

Generally speaking, foam is a coarse dispersion of gas in liquid and belongs to gas-liquid heterogeneous system. A gas-liquid dispersion whose bulk density is close to that of gas but not liquid. The gas-liquid dispersion is divided into "bubble dispersion" with less liquid and more gas, and "foam" with less gas and more liquid. What is bubble? Foam can be defined as a stable gas in a liquid medium. Foam is a dispersion system of gases in liquid. Gas is separated from many bubbles by continuous phase liquid. Gas is dispersed phase and liquid is dispersed medium. Foam is a thermodynamically unstable system. It can not be stable. The thermodynamic instability of foam is due to the large decrease in the total surface area of the system after the bubble breaking, resulting in the reduction of the energy (free energy) of the system. Marangoni effect prevents the drainage of bubble film and restores the thickness of bubble film. The bubbles blow into the air and burst. The factors affecting the process are the apparent viscosity and density of the bubbles affecting the permeation and diffusion of the defoamer particles on the bubble surface film.

Washing powder is a kind of synthetic detergent, which is mainly composed of surfactant and equipped with a proper amount of detergent aids with different functions. Washing powder refers to the powder (granular) synthetic detergent. Since 1940s, with the development of chemical industry, people have made use of the chemical substance tetra polypropylene sodium benzenesulfonate extracted from petroleum to produce detergents with better performance than soap. Later, phosphate, which can soften hard water and improve the decontamination effect of detergent, was added to detergent, so that the performance of detergent was more perfect. For the convenience of use, carrying, storage and transportation, people make detergent into washing powder. Washing powder is widely used in all kinds of fabrics because it has good decontamination effect in well water, river water, tap water, spring water and even sea water, so its production and use have developed rapidly. Nowadays, washing powder is a necessary washing product for almost every family.

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