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Some Properties of Waterproof Coatings

Dec 5, 2016

1. Solid content

Solid content refers to the proportion ofsolids contained in a waterproof coating. As the coating after brushing solidcomponents formed by the coating, so the solid content of the film thicknessand film quality is closely related.

2. Heat resistance

Heat resistance refers to the formation ofwater-proof coating waterproof film does not occur under high temperaturesoftening deformation. Non-flowing properties, that is, high temperatureperformance.

3. Flexible

Flexible refers to the waterproof coatingfilm after the film at low temperature to maintain flexibility performance. Itreflects the waterproof coating at low temperatures in the construction and useof performance.

4. Impermeability

Waterproof refers to a certain waterpressure waterproof coating (hydrostatic or hydrostatic pressure) and a certainperiod of time there is no leakage of performance. It is waterproof coating tomeet the main functional requirements of water quality indicators.

5. Extensibility

Extension of the nature of waterproofcoating to adapt to the deformation of the base. Waterproof coating film musthave a certain degree of extension, in order to adapt to the temperaturedifference, dry and wet and other factors caused by the deformation of theprimary, to ensure waterproof effect.

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