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Silicone transportation articles

Sep 29, 2019

Explore the new direction of the transportation world
Modern vehicles are pursuing faster, more reliable, and more energy-efficient, so people's choice of automotive materials is more stringent. Silicone is an ideal material to meet stringent requirements, providing the strength, adhesion and durability required for high-performance cars, ocean-going vessels, aircraft and spacecraft.
Protection: Today the transportation industry is doing its best to improve safety, reduce pollution and maximize energy efficiency. Silicones enable the use of small systems such as engine compartments, which can reduce waste and improve energy efficiency. Silicones can also help keep the vehicle structurally intact, ensuring that all components are in place against temperature changes, moisture, salt and fuel.
Automotive Coatings: Silane-enhanced, high-performance coatings enable automotive topcoats to withstand harsh environments. Unique weathering resistance, chemical and UV resistance prevent corrosion and ensure reliable performance. The coating can be applied to the surface, especially in wet conditions.
Sealant: Self-lubricating silicone rubber provides a strong, long-lasting seal for almost all automotive components. The silane-reinforced adhesive bonds everything from the mirror to the vinyl panel of the instrument panel.

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