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Silicone Oil Application Range and Future Development

Sep 21, 2020

Silicone oil has a very wide range of applications. It is not only used as a special material in aviation, cutting-edge technology, and military technology, but also used in various sectors of the national economy. Its application range has been expanded to: construction, electronics, textiles, automobiles, machinery, leather Papermaking, chemical and light industry, metal and paint, medicine and medical treatment, etc.The main applications of silicone oil and its derivatives are: release agent, shock absorption oil, dielectric oil, hydraulic oil, heat transfer oil, diffusion pump oil, defoamer, lubricant, hydrophobic agent, paint additive, polishing agent, cosmetics And daily necessities additives, surfactants, particle and fiber treatment agents, silicone grease, flocculants.Silicone oil, as a new industry, anti-rust oil, steel grating belt conveyor, ultrasonic level gauge, art paint, fuel gas boiler, is a promising industry. Silicone oil has many uses, such as defoaming agent, lubricant, mold release agent, etc. Now the silicone oil market is gradually developing towards a trend of stabilization and expansion.

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