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Silicone hair care rol

Feb 27, 2018

The application of silicone oil in hair care products has more than 40 years of history. Silicone oil products in the hair, the main play several roles:

1) Smooth hair: add silicone oil to the hair care products, the use of silicone oil will be deposited on the hair, make the hair scales more smooth. At the same time, some silicone oil can selectively cover damaged parts of the outermost hairline of the hair. Thus the repair of damaged hair is very effective.

2) to protect the hair: Hair cuticle covered with a layer of silicone oil, can reduce the friction, and your hair damage, a large part of the friction from the hair. Prevent combing further hair damage. At the same time, silicone oil also has the ability to heat protection, when you blow hair with hot air, straightening hair with hot plywood, the use of silicone oil can effectively protect the hair from high temperature damage.

3) "Change" bright hair: Silicone oil deposited on the hair, forming a protective film on the hair surface, the hair surface is more smooth, light more specular reflection, the performance of brighter hair. Especially those phenyl silicone oil, the hair brightening effect is better.

4) There is no opponent in the hair products: a wide range of silicone oils, each with its own nature, reasonable with refreshing hair and hair protection can take into account. In the hair care products to add vegetable oil, but also need the help of silicone oil in order to have a good sense of use.