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Pesticide Spray Auxiliary for Herbicide

Aug 11, 2020

The additive added to the drug solution when spraying wine and pesticide is called pesticide spraying aid. The auxiliary agent added to the drug solution when spraying the herbicide is called spray auxiliary agent. Herbicide spraying aids can be divided into mineral oil type additives and vegetable oil type additives. Mineral oil types include surfactants and nonionic surfactants. Vegetable oil-type additives include vegetable oil, concentrated vegetable oil, vegetable-derived oil, also known as crude rapeseed. There are also liquid fertilizers, buffers, defoamers, stabilizers and drift inhibitors.


Types of pesticide spray additives:

1. Liquid manure

2. Mineral oil type auxiliary agent nonionic surfactant (nonionicsurfactants, NIS)

3. Vegetable oil spray aid buffer (buffers)

4. Anti-drift agents (drift reduction agents)

5. Compatibility agent.


Advantages of vegetable oil spray additives:

1. Increase the viscosity of the chemical liquid, reduce the loss of volatilization and drift, and improve      the utilization rate of pesticides.

2. Spraying mist droplets can easily adhere to the leaf surface and the surface of the pest body.

3. It is compatible with crops, safe for crops, and mixed with contact herbicides to increase efficacy and reduce phytotoxicity.

4. It has strong permeability, improves the physical and chemical properties of the waxy layer of the plant leaves, increases plant pests, and absorbs and transmits pesticides.

5. Resistant to rain erosion.

6. Increase the effect of medicine and reduce the dosage.

7. Mixing with pre-emergence herbicide can reduce the dosage. Volatile herbicide can extend the working time of concrete.

8. Six natural products, non-toxic, can absorb plant utilization and soil microbial decomposition. It  meets the requirements for green food and organic food.

9. Low-volume spraying atmosphere can be used, the weeding blade can be reduced to 7-10 liters          per hour, and harsh water can improve stopping efficiency.

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