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Oil types and characteristics

Dec 5, 2017

Silicone oil defoamer is a kind of silicone oil secondary processing products prepared by adding dispersion aid. There are oil type, silicone grease type, solution type, emulsion type, self-emulsifying type and powder type and other forms. On the tax system and non-aqueous foam system, have very good defoaming effect. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, fiber, paper, food, fermentation, drainage and sewage treatment and other industries. Silicone oil defoamer compared with other types of defoamers, there are five characteristics:
In the chemical structure, unlike other organic compounds defoamers, non-polar. Does not associate with water and polar groups, nor does it associate with hydrocarbons with different SP values. Therefore, the silicone defoamer in water, animal and vegetable oils, high boiling point mineral oil will not dissolve, for most of the foam system defoaming effect. And, the persistence of foam is also very good.
Small surface tension, so it is very strong defoaming effect. The general amount of liquid foam only 10 × 10-6 ~ 200 × 10-6, can achieve good results. Due to the small amount of the final product performance does not have an impact.
Chemical stability, heat resistance, can adapt to the neutral foam system 150 ℃ high temperature defoaming.
Methyl silicone with physiological inertia, can be used in the food industry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, the preparation of defoamers on human safety. Silicone defoamers have minimal biochemical oxygen demand and defoaming of the sewer system does not increase the load on the sludge.
Variety of models for a variety of foam system selection.