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Improve the performance of biological materials

Nov 7, 2017

Silane coupling agent is a kindof special structure of low molecular weight organic silicon compounds. The general formula for RSiX3, where R representsamino, mercapto vinyl, epoxy, chloropropyl, cyano and methacryloxy groups andother groups. These groups and different matrixresins have a strong ability to react, and x represents a hydrolyzable groupsuch as halogen, alkoxy, acyloxy and the like. Silane couplingagent is trichlorosilane (HSiCl3) and with reactive groups of unsaturatedolefins in the platinum-catalyzed addition, and then alcoholysis derived. Silane coupling agents can interact with both thehydroxyl groups in inorganic compounds and the long molecular chains in organicpolymers to couple the two different materials to improve the properties ofbiomaterials.