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Improve scalability and use

Jul 4, 2018

Application in cosmetics

Silicone oil has many unique properties, added to cosmetic products to increase their comfort and give luster. Wash hair care products, jewelry, skin care, makeup products have been widely used. After cosmetics silicone oil has the following advantages: silicone oil colorless, odorless, does not affect the final product appearance and aroma. Use of light pleasure, expand good. Hydrophobicity and good smoothness. Skin irritation to human safety. Gas permeability, and do not interfere with the skin to breathe. Chemical stability, cosmetics and other original reaction does not occur.

For example: medium viscosity was added in various skin care products dimethyl silicone oil and methylphenyl silicone oil, can improve the spreadability of cosmetics on the skin, play a protective effect of the skin. Add dimethyl silicone oil and methylphenyl silicone oil in eye shadow, lipstick can improve the dispersibility of the pigment, to improve developability and feeling upon use. Shampoo, silicone oil was added after mousse, foam stabilizers, and can improve the effect of combing the hair. Was added a small amount of shaving cream dimethicone skin and can increase the lubrication between the blade.

Powder material kaolin, talc and mica slip used in color cosmetics, methyl hydrogen silicone oil after processing, to impart hydrophobicity, prevent aggregation, maintain liquidity.

Silicone oils used in cosmetics should be distinguished in terms of quality industrial grade, it must be carefully chosen.