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How to distinguish high temperature lubricating grease

Sep 11, 2019

Many manufacturers of lubricating grease will introduce the "dropping point" when introducing products, so many consumers mistakenly think that as long as the drop point is high temperature grease, the merchants also use the consumer's misunderstanding, drop point High is resistant to high temperatures, but I don't know that the actual temperature that can be reached may be very low. Normally, greases with a high drop point have a relatively high temperature of use, but the actual use temperature of the grease generally ranges from 30 ° C to 50 ° C below the dropping point. Whether the high temperature grease is resistant to high temperature is the key to the choice of the base oil. The good base oil plays a decisive role in the high and low temperature performance of the grease.

In addition, it is related to various aspects such as the thickening method of the grease and the content of the additive. The choice of high temperature grease can't just look at the dropping point. How to choose an excellent grease that is suitable for your use depends mainly on the condition of your equipment, and don't think that the higher the temperature, the more secure the grease is. Or go into the "high drop point to resist high temperature" misunderstanding.

The dropping point of the high-temperature-resistant lubricating grease refers to the lowest temperature at which a certain fluidity is achieved under specified conditions, expressed in °C. Dropping points have no absolute physical meaning, and their values ​​vary depending on the device and heating rate. The dropping point of the grease mainly depends on the type and content of the thickening agent, and the dropping point of the grease can roughly reflect the upper limit of the use temperature. When the grease reaches the dropping point, it has lost its ability to adhere to the metal surface. Generally speaking, the grease should be used at a temperature of 20 ° C to 30 ° C or lower below the dropping point.

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