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Heat treatment

Jun 6, 2018

Hydrophobic silicone oil and mold release

Silicone oil has a very good hydrophobicity. The so-called hydrophobic liquid means water wettable silicone oil / air interface reached only to a lesser extent. Size of the contact angle of water droplets on the surface and the surface is a measure of surface hydrophobicity. The contact angle θ is greater than 90 °, preferably represents a hydrophobic, θ less than 90 °, showing poor aqueous genus.

After viscosity (25 ) as dimethicone 100mm2·S-1 treated glass, ceramics, etc., its hydrophobic surface can reach the level of paraffin, the contact angle between 90 ° ~ 100 °. Treatment is immersed in a silicone oil defatted glass mass fraction of 0.5% of the chloroform solution, and after removing the solvent allowed to evaporate, then heat treated. The heat treatment temperature is 100 , the contact angle of water droplets of about 60 °. Heat treatment temperature is 400 , the contact angle of up to 100 ° ~ 110 °. When the heat treatment temperature exceeds 400 °, the decomposition by polydimethylsiloxane, the contact angle becomes smaller.

Hydrophobic treatment mechanism dimethicone is by heat treatment (350 ~ 400 ) siloxane even point to the phase interface, the free surface is methylated with close-packed way covered.

Hydrophobic nature is closely related to the dimethyl silicone adhesive material or anti-stick release is very good. Hydrophobic, as a manifestation of this nature is polyorganosiloxane basic chemical properties(Such as paraffin-like nature, saturation characteristics of molecules and the corresponding small van der Waals forces).

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