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Formaldehyde resin

Oct 23, 2018

Melamine - formaldehyde resinMF

Melamine - also known as melamineformaldehyde resin, melamine dense, melamine. The plastic makes up forshortcomings of urea-formaldehyde resin is not water-resistant, but the priceis higher than the urea-formaldehyde resin. Because melamine - formaldehyderesins and urea-formaldehyde resin as a colorless and transparent, formingcolorful, but also due to the heat resistance, surface hardness, mechanicalproperties, good electrical properties, water resistance, solvent resistanceand excellent chemical resistance, so it can be tableware, all kinds of dailynecessities (including furniture), industrial supplies area.

Unsaturated Polyester ResinUF

Unsaturated polyester resin is atransparent yellow or amber liquid with different viscosities. Becauseunsaturated polyester resin strength is not high, it is often added to glassfiber reinforced materials, products, commonly known as fiberglass. Beforecuring of unsaturated polyester resins in liquid form, but it can also be moldedwithout pressurization, curable even at normal temperature, which can be usedvarious processing methods into products.


Epoxy resins are cured with a curing agentof thermosetting plastics. Its excellent adhesion, excellent electrical properties,but also excellent mechanical properties. The main purpose is to make the epoxyresin anticorrosive metal coatings and adhesives, commonly used in printedcircuit boards and electronic components encapsulated.

Silicone resinSI

And each of the aforementioned resin isdifferent from the main component other than carbon, but silicon, so the priceis high. But silicone resin Heat 180 , special treatmentcan be resistant to 500 , good cold resistance, physical properties do not change withtemperature. Is a chemical resistance, water resistance, and excellentweatherability thermosetting plastics, it is heat-resistant material productselectronic components industrial production.