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Evaluation of defoamer performance

May 15, 2018

Some practical tests for defoamers

The effectiveness of defoamers must first be determined in the laboratory. It is not advisable to transfer lab test results to production scale without further testing. Our work in the test method developed, combined with the paint manufacturing and construction process conditions, the defoamer Gongjiao evaluation is feasible. Different test methods can be selected according to different construction conditions (such as brushing, spraying, dipping, printing, etc.).

Stirring test

For our users, the simplest test method is the stirring test. Under certain conditions, a piece of turbine blades was used to infiltrate air into the coating system under test with defoamers. Immediately after the stirring, the material was poured into a graduated measuring bottle and then weighed. The difference in weight was used to determine the amount of air infiltrated into the system, and the effect of the antifoaming agent was deduced. The test also shows how much air is present in the system in the form of spherical bubbles.

Another test method is used to detect the number of macro bubbles. Under certain conditions, the air infiltrated into the system, and then measure the height of the same weight of material through the measuring cylinder to evaluate the effectiveness of defoamers. Method can guide us in the actual work of mixing capacity of selected containers.

Many defoamers can also cause paint film defects, such as shrinkage, which, like the foam problem, are undesirable for all of our ink producers. Which can only be used by bulk, before and after a large number of experiments and experiments.