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Development of silicone non-stick coatings

Aug 2, 2018

Further cross-linked silicone coatings produced above 400 degrees

Insulation coatings

Another outstanding performance silicone resin is its excellent electrical insulating properties, insulation performance level is 180 , belong to H-class insulation. Its dielectric constant and dielectric loss, insulation resistance of between 0 ~ 250 little change, is a good high-temperature electrical insulation coatings, long-term use at 200 . And having a coating resistant to moisture, acid and alkali resistance, radiation resistance, ozone resistance, corona, flame retardant, non-toxic and other characteristics, widely used in high temperature insulation required (H level) of various motors, electrical insulation and protection requirements.

In recent years, due to DuPont's Teflon, killing fluorine coating on non-stick coatings applied by a certain extent. This gives us the development of organic silicon non-stick coating provides a good opportunity. Silicone coating surface can be very low, in all materials, in addition to the silicone organic fluorine is the lowest surface energy material. Thus, a modified silicone resin in non-stick coating has been widely used.

Release coatings and radiation-resistant and moisture-proof coating

Since the silicone coating having a low surface energy, it can be used for many mold release. This aspect of the application for a long time. But also because the silicone coating has good resistance to UV and radiation resistance, usually three to five times that of ordinary organic resin coating resistant to ultraviolet light and radiation-resistant capabilities. Therefore organopolysiloxane is also widely used as radiation-resistant coating.