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Defoamers need role

Sep 23, 2016

Current theories about the formation ofanti-foaming and foam degassing is different. Defoamers the role of the air trapped in the interface. Defoaming agent role in the process andthe coated film after coating is completed, so that the coating film dispersedin the tiny air (microbubbles), rapid rise to the surface. But the practical application is oftennot clearly make this distinction. Defoamers also can eliminate microbubbles tosome extent. Defoamersdefoaming mechanism discussed below in waterborne coatings and inks.

Defoamers To show the effect, and mustmeet certain requirements. Oneof them is that they must be able to break the foam stabilization mechanismdescribed above. Tothis end, defoamers in the system have a certain incompatibility, it canmigrate to the air interface. Ofcourse, it can not appear similar to the shrinkage as serious side effectscaused by the use of defoamers. In order to defoaming, in coatings emulsified microdropletsdefoamer and surfactant must be stable foam layer to bind and penetrate thebilayer film in the foam. Subsequently,defoamers must quickly spread through the surfactant layer cracked. At this film compared to previoussurfactant stable interlayer film, an elastic been significantly reduced. Finally, the instability of thisbimolecular film rupture, so as to achieve the effect of defoaming. Therefore, no compatibility, highspread ability and low surface tension properties of each is an importantanti-foaming agent must possess.

Adding defoamers fine hydrophobic particles,such as: silica, its anti-foaming ability will be effectively strengthened. Their mechanism of action is interpreted as ananti-wetting process. Stablebimolecular layer of surfactant does not readily wet the solid particleshydrophobic, surface tension causes unstable local region, so that bimolecularfilm rupture.

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