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Cosmetic Ingredients

Jun 27, 2016

Silicone application in the cosmeticsindustry, has developed rapidly over the past decade, it has become the mainapplication areas. Wherein the polyether-modified silicone oil is appliedamount, the largest species of a class of silicone products. As a cosmetic rawmaterial, suitable for almost all kinds of cosmetics categories and varieties,especially hair products.

Polyether-modified silicone oil is solublein alcohol and water, but also easy with the other ingredients of cosmetics arecompatible. When adding 0.15% to 5%, reduce the surface tension of cosmeticformulations decline, prompting the proliferation of cosmetics to the skin orhair surface. Has been widely used in shampoo, hair conditioner, mousse, skincare, shaving products, antiperspirants, perfumes, cosmetics, soaps andcosmetics. Add a small amount of hair preparations polyether-modified siliconeoil, it can give hair shine and easy to comb, smooth, anti-static properties,but also gives a good touch. HLB value is relatively small polyether-modifiedvarieties, can be used with a silicone oil emulsifier system. For example, skincream formulation with polyether modified silicone oil as an emulsifier, canlow viscosity methyl silicone oil emulsion with water to form a stable dispersion,such formulations for skin irritation, use of safety.

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