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Change the spatial arrangement of silicone

Aug 17, 2018

Silicone surfactants used in personal careproducts in

Silicone products is a very specialcompound, has the characteristics of both organic and inorganic substances andhas the characteristics. It is because of such a special formula, organicsilicon products: a low surface tension, very easy to spread; low glasstransition temperature; cold resistant good; good chemical stability, very safefor the skin; skin feel very smooth, not sticky. All these properties makesilicone products are ideal for personal care products.

As early as the 1950s began on siliconeproducts used in skin care and hair care products. 1952, DC200 silicone oilused in hand cream; in 1953, straight hair agent used in organic siliconproducts.

Organic silicon is very large, changing thespatial arrangement of organic silicon may form a cyclic silicone oil, chainoil, partially cross-linked and all cross-linked silicone. It can also getconnected to different functional groups in the main chain phenyl siliconesilicone. Amino silicone oil, alkyl silicone and polyether silicone oil. Whichis connected to the hydrophilic polyether silicone polyether groups in the mainchain of silicone, the hydrophobic silicone oil having different degrees ofhydrophilicity. Depending on the HLB value can be obtained silicone emulsifierand water-soluble organic silicon products into two categories.

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