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Cellulose ether fatty acid ester

Jul 12, 2018

Silicone oil gelling agents

Silicone gel formulation is formulated by the low viscosity of the silicone oil or volatile silicone ring with coach gel type of cosmetic formulation with silicone oil, mainly used for the preparation of skin care and color cosmetics. Preparation of skin care and color cosmetics to improve the spreadability and refreshing feeling when used, generally need to add low-viscosity silicone oil or volatile silicone epoxy. However, after the addition of the viscosity is too low, it is difficult to thicken the inorganic filler. And epoxysilane some common thickeners, such as nitrocellulose, cellulose derivatives such as ethyl cellulose or fatty acid esters of sugars only swollen insoluble. Therefore, the lake often used fatty acid ester, a polyorganosiloxane gel fatty acid ester or a cellulose ether addition-crosslinked silicone oil with a low viscosity silicone oils or cyclic siloxanes prepared gelled formulation.