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Amphoteric surfactants versatility

Jun 23, 2016

Use concentrated liquid formula is a majorflaw is gentle enough for the environment. Remove outer phosphorus pollution,containing 12% of detergent surfactants of TOC (total oxygen demand) value is116g / kg, but for 46% of the liquid detergent containing a surfactant, its TOCbut it will soar to 336g / kg. So with a liquid formulation containing a largeamount of surfactant in place of phosphorus in detergent ecology encounteredobstacles. So, people attention turned to the use of amphoteric surfactants.

Literature reports that unique chemicalstructure and low cmc amphoteric surfactants and make it more versatile forliquid detergents, when used in small amounts to be especially effective instain removal. Amphoteric surfactants used in detergents for some time, but dueto the traditional concept and cost factors, their use in fabric detergent isnot common. Literature data show that amphoteric surfactants are good detergentin cold water, calcium and magnesium hardness ions are not sensitive relative.

AkzoNobel has done a lot of research workon TN4A5 amphoteric surfactants used in detergent formulations, mainly to TN4A5with a small amount of a nonionic surfactant and anionic surfactant mixed use. Ifyou do not include RNnAa series included, added to the heavy duty liquiddetergent builder capability best amphoteric surfactants may be amphotericcarboxyl devaluation cocoyl glycine disodium salt. Sulfobetaine can enhance thewhiteness of washed fabrics retention values can be improved polyester andcotton fabric detergency. Amphoteric surfactants used in liquid fabricdetergents have also been reported.

The early 1990s, the market began to slipfree of brighteners and bleach for colorful fabrics functional detergents. Insuch a formulation, to make the fabric off the soluble pigment remains in theliquid detergent to avoid its re-deposition in some other colors, havepolyvinylpyrrolidone and polycarboxylate compound used. To this end, the needto use detergents efficient surfactant, at a low temperature so that itexhibits high performance, and strong ability to remove stains.

Fredli in w (CaCO3) was 150mg / L hardwater tested several types of surfactants on average seven kinds of dirtdetergency, sebum - dust, grape juice, grass juice, tea, chocolate, coffee,oil, coconut which oil amide propyl betaine is one of the most effectivesurfactant special features. To emphasize strongly stain function but also topromote the application of enzymes, notably protease or mixture of protease andlipase. In TN4A5 and nonionic surfactant-based, effective protecting colorliquid detergents containing enzymes have been developed.

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