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Agricultural additive base wetting agent

Apr 1, 2020

A multi-block modified silicane copolymer. With super spreadability, super wetting and penetrating ability, it can significantly reduce the surface tension of spray solution. It overcomes the disadvantages of traditional trisiloxane copolymers that are turbid in water and easy to hydrolyze, and is more suitable for adding in agricultural chemicals such as water-based pesticide formulations and water-soluble fertilizers.
Due to the serious loss of spraying chemical liquid during conventional spraying operations, the effective utilization of agricultural chemicals can be improved through the spreading, wetting, and penetrating activity of the silicone, and the target capacity can be improved, thereby amplifying the drug effect and reducing the cost.
❶Easily miscible with water, transparent to water, stable performance without hydrolysis;
❷Enhance the adhesion of chemical solution, improve the utilization rate of pesticides and reduce the loss of chemical solution
❸Excellent wetting and expandability, reducing the contact angle between spray liquid and leaf surface, increasing the coverage
❹Promote the absorption of systemic medicines through the stomata and resist rain erosion
❺ Reasonably reduce the amount of pesticides and spray water, save labor and time, save energy and protect the environment
❻It can be used as a flying defense additive, used in drone spraying, which can improve the adhesion of the liquid medicine, slow down the drift of the liquid medicine, increase the spread area of ​​the liquid medicine, and improve the operation effect and efficiency of the drone.
❼It can improve the dissolution of inorganic salt nutrient sources in water and reduce the residue of difficult water-soluble substances
❽ Has good moisturizing and adhesive properties;
Product is non-toxic and is a green environmentally friendly surfactant.
Application and use
 It is widely used in the spraying and formulation of agricultural chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, foliar fertilizers, plant growth regulators and the like.

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