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A silane coupling agent

Dec 15, 2017

China's silane coupling agent is mainly consumed in the glass fiber industry and the rubber industry. China's silane coupling agent consumption in 2004 should be about 13,500 tons, the consumption structure is roughly: the use of glass fiber industry accounted for more than 60% of total silane coupling agent consumption; the second largest consumer of rubber processing industry Mainly radial tires, accounting for about 30% of total consumption, the rest used in areas such as coatings. In 2005, the total consumption of silane coupling agent in China is estimated to increase to about 17000 tons, of which the rapid development of glass fiber industry has led to the increase of consumption of silane coupling agent. According to the glass fiber industry, radial tires and other silane coupling agent application development forecast, in 2010, China's silane coupling agent market demand will reach 25,000 tons.

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