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SilibaseRA-3806T Release agent

Product Name: Releaseagent

Item No.: SilibaseRA-3806T

Structure or composition:Hydroxysiloxane emulsion

Chemical components

Aryl, alkyl-modified silicone emulsion

Performance characteristics: This product adopts advanced emulsionpolymerization process, the emulsion particle size is fine, decentralized, goodstability.

Materialized data reference value

Appearance: white emulsion

Active ingredient (%): 26 ± 2

pH: 7 ± 0.5

Thinner: water


Tape, rain boots smooth shiny surface treatment.

Rubber, rubber, EVA shoes and other products fromthe mold.


50Kg plastic bucket.

Storage and transportation

According to non-dangerous goods transport, 5 ~ 30 ℃ sealedstorage. Shelf life of 6 months.


This product is non-flammable non-dangerous goods.

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