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Variety Series of Silicone Oil and Silicone Oil Secondary Processed Products

Mar 13, 2023

Silicone oil is generally divided into two categories: straight silicone oil and modified silicone oil.We are the Organosilicone factory. We have cheap Silicone Adjuvant and silicone resin.

Common silicone oil includes dimethyl silicone oil, methyl phenyl silicone oil and methyl hydrogen-containing silicone oil;
The modified silicone oil is a silicone oil in which part of the methyl group in the dimethyl silicone oil molecule is replaced by organic groups other than benzene and hydrogen.

As a special variety of silicone oil, there are also branched silicone oil with branched chain structure and volatile silicone oil with ring structure in some molecules.

Each variety of silicone oil can also be divided into many series and differentiated brands according to its viscosity, structure and content of modified groups. Among common silicone oils, dimethyl silicone oil has the most prominent organosilicon characteristics, the largest amount and the widest application; Among the modified silicone oils, polyether modified silicone oil is the most widely used, which is widely used as foam homogenizer, fiber oil, fabric finishing agent, cosmetics raw materials, paint leveling agent, defoamer and pesticide spreading agent for foamed plastics.

Characteristics and uses of ordinary silicone oil




Methyl phenyl silicone oil

Heat resistance

cold resistance

Cosmetics raw materials, heat carriers, polymer additives

Methyl hydrogen-containing silicone oil


Hydrophobic agent,
raw material of modified silicone oil, etc

Characteristics and uses of modified silicone oil

Types of modified groups



Polyether group

Water solubility,
dispersion and surface activity

Foam stabilizer, antistatic agent, defoamer, leveling agent, cosmetics raw materials



Lubricant and defoamer




Long-chain alkyl


Lubricants, release agents, cosmetics raw materials


Reactivity, softness

Fabric softener, brightener, cosmetics raw materials

Epoxy hydrocarbon group

Reactivity, smoothness and softness

Fabric smoothing and softening agent, plastic modifier

Ryukyu base


Brightener, antirust agent, plastic modifier

Carboxyl hydrocarbon group


Plastic modifiers, cosmetics raw materials

Burnt propionyloxy alkyl


Fiber finishing agent, plastic modifier

Silicone oil application products mainly include: defoamer, release agent, fiber treatment agent, silicone oil compound A silicone grease, anti-sticking agent, organic polymer additive, etc. It is prepared with different kinds of silicone oil and additives according to needs.

Organic polymer additives mainly include foam homogenizer, material additive, latex thermosensitive coagulant, etc. of polyurethane foam.

Silicone anti-sticking agent for anti-sticking paper belongs to the silicone rubber series in terms of the polymer used and curing mechanism, but it is usually listed in the silicone oil application product series in terms of the use function.

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