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Turf wetting agent

Apr 7, 2020

Turf wetting agent is a unique non-ionic silicone wetting agent, spreading agent, water regulator. With super compatibility, it can be used in most pesticides. Good spreading ability, can lock the liquid on the leaf surface, and improve the ability to resist rain erosion. At the same time improve the water quality and improve the use of pesticides.
Active ingredients:
Alkylaryl polyethoxyene phosphate, free fatty acid, isophthalic acid
main feature:
1. Improve the spreading ability of the spray solution.
2. Improve the ability to resist rain erosion.
3. Quickly wet the leaf surface, the wetting time is 15-20 seconds.
4. Enhance the wetting and permeability of the plant surface.
5. Adjust the PH value and buffer capacity to the best, which can reduce the PH value of substances in alkaline water and spray solution
6. Can be mixed with most pesticides.
7. No side effects on the lawn, safe and reliable.

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