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The Manufacturing Process Of Silicone Resin

Apr 14, 2014

Silicone resin is an organic polysiloxane with highly cross-linked of reticular structure. It is usually use various mixtures of methyl three chlorin silane two methyl two phenyl chlorine silane to get the acid hydrolyzates under the low temperature and with the water decomposition. The initial product of hydrolysis is a mixture of cyclic, linear and cross-linked polymers, it’s usually include a large quantity of hydroxyl. The hydrolyzate remove the acid by the water and neutral initial condensation polymer get further condensation with the catalyst or thermal oxidation in the air. Finally, it will form the three-dimensional network structure with highly cross-linked.
Silicone resin cured is usually come true through forming silicon oxygen link with solano condensation. Due to the silanol concentration decreased gradually and the liquidity becomes poor, the reaction rate decreased among the condensation reaction. So in order to make the resin cure, it must accelerate the reaction by heating and adding catalyst. Many substances can catalyze for the silanol condensation reaction. They include acid, alkali and soluble organic salts of cobalt, lead, tin, iron and other metals.
Besides, the proportion of methyl and phenyl groups in the organic groups has a great influence to properties of silicone resin. If the phenyl content is low in the organic group, the film will soft, the condensation will be faster. The film bending resistance and heat resistance are best when the phenyl content in 20-60%. It can improve the compatibility of silicone resin and the pigment with the phenyl, and also improve the adhesion to variety of substrates.

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