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The Difference between Oily and Water-based Waterproof Materials

Sep 24, 2020

One: Environmental protection From the perspective of environmental protection, water-based coatings have natural advantages over oil-based coatings (solvent-based wood coatings). In theory, the lower the VOC content, the higher the environmental protection, but the low VOC content has an impact on the abrasion resistance, hardness, and scratch resistance of oil-based coatings. The above indicators have always been technical problems that need to be overcome in water-based coatings. How to achieve both environmental protection and high quality is the focus of the current technological research of major coating manufacturers. Two: Cost-effective water-based coatings have relatively high technical requirements in terms of drying time, hardness, and fullness. The process is relatively complex, and large-scale production equipment is required to produce products with relatively stable performance. The production cost is relatively high. This is why the price of water-based paints of the same grade is much higher than that of oil-based paints. Three: The abrasion resistance of water-based wood coatings is far inferior to oil-based wood coatings in terms of hardness, fullness, aging resistance and other decorative effects. Consumers with high requirements for the home environment may even re-decorate after three to five years. Due to the low wear resistance of general water-based coatings, most consumers choose to use water-based coatings only on the wall surface, and often scrub doors, windows, furniture, etc.

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