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The Difference between High Resilience Liquid Silicone and Solid High Resilience Silicone and Their Respective Applications

Oct 29, 2020

High resilience liquid silica gel is a kind of silica gel with better resilience. Because liquid silica gel is safe and environmentally friendly, it can fully meet the requirements of food grade. It can be used for baby products, such as baby pacifiers. High resilience liquid silica gel has good flow properties and fast vulcanization., Fast molding speed, yellowing resistance, heat aging resistance, excellent tear strength and other advantages, and easy to use, so it has a wide range of uses, such as medical supplies and electronic products, suitable for injection molding.

Liquid silica gel raw materials also have the following characteristics:
1. Good chemical resistance, acid, alkali and many kinds of chemicals;
2. Good mechanical strength, products with different strengths can be deployed according to customer needs;
3. Excellent electrical insulation, excellent dielectric properties, excellent dielectric properties at high temperatures, and dielectric properties at high temperatures greatly exceed those of organic rubber;
4. Excellent high-temperature compression permanent deformation: good processing performance, easy molding, etc., can be used to produce various products by extrusion hot air vulcanization molding, compression molding, calendering and other methods;
5. Anti-pollution, such as: handwriting with ballpoint pen can be wiped off by hand

Solid high resilience silicone:
It is especially suitable for the most ideal high-resilience and wear-resistant silicone rubber roller. It has good bonding performance, pressure resistance, low compression permanent deformation, wear resistance, superior processing performance, and particularly sensitive adhesion to metals. After sanding, the produced rubber roller has a smooth surface, bright, flat and non-sticky film, and has a high temperature resistance of 200-280 degrees. It is resistant to general industrial solvents. It is suitable for printing, textile printing and dyeing, leather , mold rollers, embossing rollers, and film passing Silicone rollers such as plastics, electric irons, electric heating tubes, high temperature furnaces, microwave ovens For the bonding of electronic appliances, engineering industries, and products (electric heating tubes, microwave ovens, electric irons, high temperature furnaces) and other products, sealing electronic appliances requiring high temperature product

Application areas:.
Used for manufacturing general industrial or civil colored silicone rubber products;
Various silicone rubber products for security monitoring, automobiles, industrial machinery and equipment;
Used for high-voltage insulators, lightning arrester jackets and other products, TV high-voltage caps, electrical sockets, rubber sheets and other products that require flame retardancy;
Silicone is also widely used in the aerospace field. This is mainly because the high-speed aircraft fleet has very strict environmental requirements. Not only is it required that various silicone rubber seals should be able to work for a long time in the range of- 75~200 degrees, high resilience silicone wholesale, And it requires the ability to resist ozone

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