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Surfactants also Have a Wide Range of Uses in Medicine.

Aug 10, 2022

The development trend of surfactants
At present, developed countries have established a complete system for research in the field of surfactants, which can realize the diversification and serialization of product research and development. The development efforts are very strong, and the development concept has broken through the traditional surfactants.
Take the application of surfactants in pesticides as an example. Foreign studies on the effect of surfactants on the activity of herbicides have shown that surfactants do not simply reduce the surface tension of the liquid medicine, but increase the dosage to achieve the purpose of synergy.
According to the characteristics of various medicaments, the use of appropriate types and concentrations of surfactants can also promote the penetration of the medicament into plants and have a solubilizing effect on the medicament. It can be seen that selective development and application of surfactants can be expected to achieve The purpose of increasing the efficiency of medicaments, saving medication, reducing environmental pollution and reducing control costs.
Surfactants also have a wide range of uses in medicine. They have a significant impact on the absorption of drugs. Studies have found that the presence of surfactants may increase or decrease the absorption of drugs. It should also be considered that the surfactant and protein Interaction, toxicity, irritation, etc.
The development trends of some famous foreign surfactant companies in the early 21st century are as follows:
The main research direction abroad is safe, mild and easily biodegradable products. For example, glycoside surfactants have developed rapidly due to their natural raw materials, excellent performance, low toxicity, low irritation, and easy biodegradation.
The development trend of my country's surfactant industry is in the area of ​​surfactants. my country's research and development capabilities and industrialization foundation are still relatively weak, and there is a big gap with foreign levels, especially in the high-tech field, which is mainly manifested in product varieties. Single and backward, small production scale, poor product matching capabilities, and lack of research and development capabilities for serialized products. Because the quality and performance of the products cannot meet the requirements of many high-tech products, the lack of research, development and production capacity of surfactants and additives that can drive the development of related industries objectively hinders the healthy development of my country's fine chemical industry.
puts forward that the main research directions of increasingly high foreign surfactants are safety, mildness, and easy biodegradability, and our country's work in this area has just started. Due to the wide variety of surfactant products and the wide application range, and due to my country's weak foundation in this field, there are many problems that need to be solved urgently. First of all, focus on solving the following problems:
To systematically develop safe, mild, easily biodegradable surfactants with special effects, study its structure-activity relationship, and provide a theoretical basis for the development and application of new products. Focus on the development of glycoside surfactants. Glycosides have multiple free hydroxyl groups, similar to polyols, and can develop various polyols and alcohol surfactants.

Developed a series of sucrose fatty acid esters. The sucrose fatty acid ester is a non-ionic surfactant with 8 hydroxysucrose as the hydrophilic group and the fatty acid part substituted by the sucrose hydroxyl group as the hydrophobic group. The sucrose and fatty acid ester exchange The reaction formed. In addition to monoesters, diesters and triesters can be generated under certain conditions. Sucrose fatty acid esters can be used as food additives (emulsifiers). It has the advantages of non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating, and easy to biodegradability. Its cleaning power is not large, but it has W/0 emulsification, solubilization, and It has various properties such as foam, and has the effect of inhibiting the sedimentation of starch and the transformation of oil crystals. Research the application of surfactants in industrial catalysis, focusing on the development and research of new, efficient and environmentally friendly catalysts for esterification, sulfonation, alkylation, and nitration reactions to reduce industrial production costs.

Research and development of high-comparative surfactants. Strengthen the research of compounding technology and expand the application range of existing products.

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