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Solvent-free Organic Silicon Impregnating Varnish Development and Industrialization Trial

Apr 21, 2022

 Design basis
 Basis of the research report
[1] The current demand and development trend of C-level solvent-free organic silicon impregnating varnish at home and abroad;
[2] C-level solvent-free organic silicon dipping paint project design and development proposal.
[3] C-level solvent-free organic silicon impregnating varnish development and industrialization trial and pilot evaluation report;
[4] The subject area of ​​the project: chemical science, polymer chemistry, polymer synthesis, catalyst science, polymerization reaction and related science related professional basic knowledge and engineering design knowledge;
[5] The laws and regulations involved and included in the environmental protection, occupational safety, health, fire protection and energy saving of the project area;

Design guidelines
(1) Implement the company’s “Twelfth Five-Year” development plan, implement brand strategy, and mark the continuous launch of high-tech products and the continuous growth of the company’s scale, so that the company will become a well-known enterprise in the industry. First-class enterprise.
(2) According to market demand and product development direction, seize the commanding heights of the market, focus on the development of high-tech insulation material products, adjust product structure, develop C-level solvent-free organic silicon environmentally friendly impregnating paint and its supporting products, organic silicon mica tape , And applied to high-power AC variable frequency traction motors.
(3) Technological transformation highlights key points, adheres to technological progress, increases labor productivity, reduces labor intensity of employees, improves the production environment, and ensures and increases product output and quality.
(4) Highlight one of the core technologies of the company's strategic development plan: resin synthesis technology, gradually forming the company's core competitiveness, focusing on the investment in insulation material products, and achieving comprehensive breakthroughs in technology and market.
(5) Strengthen the construction of testing and testing methods, enhance product testing and analysis capabilities, ensure product quality, and create favorable conditions for the development of new products.
According to the company’s five-year development strategy plan, the development and industrialization of 200 tons of C-level solvent-free silicone impregnating varnishes per year will become a major project to improve the company’s overall level, and it is also the company’s high-tech content in the second step One of the items of insulating materials.

The background, necessity and social and economic significance of the project
The railway is an important national infrastructure, the main artery of the national economy, and a popular means of transportation in the field of modern transportation. It plays a leading role in the comprehensive transportation system. During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the country will vigorously develop high-speed railways, with a total line length of 9,800 kilometers, which provides a good development opportunity for high-speed trains and their traction technology. In order to meet the needs of the current high-speed and heavy-duty development of railways, realizing high-power, small and light-weight locomotive traction motors and improving the reliability of motor operation have become important research topics for introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation. The AC variable frequency traction motor is the heart of traction power, and the design and optimization of its insulation structure have become one of the key factors to ensure the reliable operation of the traction motor. Famous foreign traction motor manufacturers have generally adopted class H or higher insulation for traction motors of mainline high-speed locomotives, and have successively adopted class C insulation systems. For example, the EMU of Japan's Mitsubishi Corporation uses a 200-level epoxy resin system insulation structure; Germany's Siemens uses a 200-level or higher silicone resin system insulation structure.

Insulating materials are indispensable materials in all electrical equipment, and the volume, quality and service life of electrical equipment such as motors depend to a large extent on the insulating materials used. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, people continue to make motors and appliances and other equipment develop in the direction of large capacity, miniaturization, high efficiency, pressure resistance, heat resistance, and intelligence, while power transmission and transformation products are moving toward high voltage, large capacity and far Development in distance transmission. Therefore, higher and higher requirements are put forward for the quality and reliability of electrical insulating materials. The research and development of various insulating materials with excellent performance is the current development trend of electrical insulating materials.

Although in the insulation system above H level, polyester imine insulating varnish, polyimide insulating varnish, diphenyl ether modified polyester resin, etc. have been widely used in motor insulation, high heat resistance, completely solvent-free The VPI impregnated resin is the key to achieve high-performance and high-reliability insulation system for traction motors, and it is also the direction of development. However, there has been basically no progress in the research and development of high-performance VPI resins that can be adapted to actual batch applications in China, resulting in a serious disconnect between localization and actual application requirements. Although domestic heat-resistant polyester VPI resin modified with 200-grade diphenyl ether type has achieved some successful and mature application experience in AC drive frequency conversion traction motors, it is limited due to the defects of the system's water resistance and high dielectric loss. In addition to its application field, there is no big room for development and application.

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