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Smokeless Silicone

Apr 28, 2020

1. Smokeless Silicone Resin Silicone Resin Properties and Uses This product has excellent properties such as good activity, high hardness, no stick back in hot state, low gloss loss, and no smoke when heated. It is mainly used as the base resin of paints and coatings for ovens, baking trays, household appliances, etc., as well as mica board adhesives and magnesium oxide powder moisture-proof treatment agents.
Second, the main technical indicators of smokeless silicone resin silicone resin project indicators colorless or light yellow translucent liquid, no mechanical impurities viscosity (coated -4 cups, 25 ℃, S) 12 ~ 20 solid content (150 ℃, 2h, %) 50 ± 1
 3. Smokeless Silicone Resin Silicone Resin Packaging, Storage and Transportation This product is packaged in 200kg iron drums and stored in a cool and dry place to prevent direct sunlight, avoid contact with acids and alkalis, and store and transport as dangerous goods. 4. Instructions for use of smokeless silicone resin silicone resin
1. When using this product, avoid contact with acids, alkalis, organic salts, amines, otherwise accelerated curing, gelation and other phenomena will occur, which will affect the performance of the product. 2. This product can be diluted with ketones, esters, toluene, xylene, etc. In order to fully reflect the excellent performance of the resin, it is best to bake and cure at 280 ~ 300 ℃ for 0.5 ~ 1 hour

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