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Silicone waterproofing agent

May 3, 2016

Silicone waterproofing agent has two properties are:Water and oil. Aqueous silicone waterproofing agent is a colorless or pale yellow, it mixed with cement mortar, it can also play a retarder, water reducer and enhancer effect.So it suitable for the construction industry, exterior finishes, underground engineering, Antique building, pool, brick, cement, gypsum products and perlite based materials insulation materials and rural roof waterproof, moisture, pollution prevention treatment .Oily silicone waterproofing agent is transparent, typically used glazed tiles, floor tiles, ceramics, etc., may be appropriate to add some of the solvent dilution, easy to use.

Silicone breast water- principle:When the poly silicon milk is heated to above 140 ℃, silicone aligned on the fabric, a hydrophobic group --CH3 outwards, a silicon atom of the silicone oil emulsion polymerization, some of the oxygen atoms and the fibers forming coordinate bond and hydrogen bonds, and thus water vapor and air through the fabric, but not through water droplets.Hydroxyl hydrogen silicone oil emulsion graft polymer chain to the top, that silicone oil Si. H bond is hydrolyzed to Si. H, it grafted silicone oil terminal hydroxyl dehydrated form long-chain molecules, the molecules become larger, softer, increase water repellency.Silicone oil and silicone oil 150-180 ℃ in the fabric surface polyorganosiloxane resin film is insoluble in water and solvent crosslinks. Methyl silane structure outwards, resulting in water-repellent, breathable film is not continuous with.

This product is widely used in a variety of interior and exterior of buildings, particularly residential housing problem solve indoor mold prevalent east wall, north wall caused by water seepage.In addition it can be widely used in interior decoration moisture mildew treatment before the industrial plant cleaning facades pollution, wind, anti-acid rain,And reservoirs, water towers, reservoirs, sewage treatment plants and water works agricultural irrigation channels;For the ancient architecture, stone, tile, library archives, precision instrument room and computer room, power distribution room, warehouse, also can be applied.

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