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Silicone Waterproof Agent for Indoor Waterproof Use, and Precautions

Dec 1, 2020

After brushing, the treated surface will dry naturally, and the crystal structure of the product will be frozen
usage method

To ensure the best effect, rinse immediately;In winter, if the temperature is too low, immersion, before construction, roller and sealed spray gun can be used for construction;Apply the second coat before the surface is dry; Clean the substrate surface before use.
matters needing attention. It can also be used in concrete to restore the transparency of the solution. If there are cracks, it should be filled with putty or cement slurry. It shall be cured without water for at least 24 h.
If it is diluted to 40 times or lower concentration after contact or use, small sample concentration test should be carried out. If you need to use a concentration higher than 20 times, it must be verified by experiments. Before use, high concentration will lead to the formation of white residue on the waterproof surface, and slightly wet the surface of the substrate to absorb and brush; spray or brush with rags;
When heated to room temperature, it can be used continuously, and the effective components of the product will not be damaged

1. The ground of repaving floor tile: the waterproof layer is easy to be damaged when the kitchen and bathroom floor is redecorated. Decoration to protect the original waterproof layer, once damaged, must be repaired in time, do waterproof layer again. When replacing the floor tiles, after the original floor tiles are chiseled off, the ground shall be smoothed with cement mortar, and the JS waterproof coating shall be repeatedly applied for 2 ~ 3 times. Pay attention to paint evenly, in order to avoid some places too thin, resulting in leakage. 2. The wall adjacent to the facilities: when the washbasin and sink are used, the water will splash on the adjacent wall. If there is no waterproof layer protection, the wall is easy to damp and mildew. Therefore, before paving the wall tiles, we must do a good job in the waterproof treatment of the wall, but the non load-bearing light wall should be at least 1.8 meters high, and the whole wall should be waterproof. The wall waterproof adjacent to the shower location should also be 1.8m high, and the height of the wall waterproof coating adjacent to the bathtub should also be higher than the upper edge of the bathtub. 3. The joints between the wall and the ground, the upper and lower water pipes and the ground: the leakage mostly occurs in the pipe root, floor drain, sanitary ware and internal and external corners passing through the floor. The reason is that the pipe root and floor drain are loose

Silicone waterproof agent is of course used in the use of silicone waterproof agent before tile application method 1, silicone water: according to the silicone waterproof agent: water = 1:15 -- 30 volume ratio of silicon water. 2. Surface spraying: the base course is firm without cracks and floating dust, and silicon water can be sprayed directly. Since the waterproof agent is sprayed dry, the product will no longer absorb water. Therefore, it is necessary to spray continuously for 2-3 times without gap. The deeper the penetration, the better the waterproof effect. (1kg waterproof agent can be sprayed nearly 20-40 square meters) 3. Waterproof mortar: ordinary silicate cement with grade greater than or equal to 425 and medium sand with mud content less than 3%, according to the proportion of ash: sand = 1:2.5-3, directly mixed with good silicon water to obtain waterproof mortar. After evenly mixing, the first layer is 1cm thick. After the coating is solidified and hardened, the second time should be done in time, with the thickness of 1cm, which should be repeatedly smoothed and compacted, The internal and external corners should be treated into a circular arc, each layer should be 1 cm thick, and the waterproof mortar should be maintained normally. ###If it is not used before tiling, this waterproof will have no effect

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