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Silicone Softeners are Widely Used in the Textile and Printing and Dyeing Industries.

Sep 9, 2021

In recent years, the amount used has doubled. Among them, the amount of aminosilicone emulsion is the largest. For different styles of feel, such as resilience, waxiness, etc., modified silicone oils with other groups need to be developed . As a new type of organic silicon functional polymer compound, epoxy modified silicone oil has been widely concerned and used due to its own reactivity and high adsorption properties. The traditional preparation methods include: ①Prepared by emulsion polymerization Anionic or cationic emulsion is obtained; ②The product is prepared by the addition reaction of low-hydrogen silicone oil and allyl glycidyl ether in the presence of a platinum catalyst [2]; ③Using a two-functional epoxy coupling agent and eight 

Methylcyclotetrasilane or linear body undergoes equilibrium condensation reaction to obtain the product. However, method 1 has limited application due to the ionicity of the emulsion, and it has been rarely used; the product obtained by method 2 has a small molecular weight, which makes the hand feel unsatisfactory; and method 3 can easily prepare epoxy-modified silicone oil with high molar mass. . At the same time, its epoxy group can be easily adjusted. This article chooses the third method: using hydroxy silicone oil and γ-glycidoxypropyl methyl diethoxy silane, in the presence of a basic catalyst, the equilibrium condensation reaction, a series of different molar mass (viscosity) and Epoxy modified silicon with epoxy value

Feature editing Voice:Silicone quaternary ammonium salts can be used in the hydrophilic finishing of fabrics, widely imparting good water absorption, sweat absorption, softness, smoothness, resilience, anti-static properties, and non-toxic and harmless to fabrics. It is an efficient, safe, and multi- Functional soft finishing agent. In addition to being used for antibacterial and soft finishing of fabrics, silicone quaternary ammonium salts can also be used on the surface of other materials. For example, appropriate addition of silicone quaternary ammonium salt to wood, leather, non-woven fabric, polyurethane, rubber, man-made fibers, synthetic fibers and various silicate surface coatings greatly enhances the antibacterial and antifungal effect; in leather fatliquor , Adding silicon ammonium chloride to the finishing agent, in addition to increasing the flexibility and firmness of the conjunctiva, the anti-mold effect is particularly outstanding; a certain amount of silicon ammonium chloride is added to the corrosion protection coating on the bottom of the ship. In addition to the corrosion inhibition function, it can also greatly improve the effectiveness of preventing the adhesion of algae and other organisms, maintain the ship chain, and extend the maintenance cycle of the ship.

Scouring agent, dyeing agent, leveling agent, softening agent, hair effect enhancer, polyester low-temperature dyeing carrier, substitute alkali, CT powder, chelating dispersant, non-phosphorus environmentally friendly chelating agent, acid leveling agent, cotton leveling Agent, acrylic fiber levelling agent, smoothing agent, mercerizing penetrant (mererized oil), chemical fiber oiling agent (polyester oiling agent, POY oiling agent), high-efficiency deboiling powder, hydrogen peroxide stabilizer, silicon removal agent, foaming agent, soaping Agent (low foam soaping agent, acid soaping agent, anti-staining soaping agent for white ground), shrinking agent, liquid wax (yarn smoothing agent), finishing agent, antistatic agent, wool mercerizing agent, raising agent, color fixing Agents (formaldehyde-free fixing agent, turquoise fixing agent, color-changing fixing agent, acid fixing agent), stiffening agent, oxygen bleaching stabilizer, degreasing agent, printing auxiliary.

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