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Silicone Oil can be used for Defoaming in Paint Making

Jan 25, 2022

Because there is relatively stable molecular structure Si-O-Si similar to inorganic acid salt in silicone polycondensate, no matter it is liquid, solid or elastomer polymer, it has high heat resistance and chemical stability. , Excellent electrical insulation and very good hydrophobicity.
1) High temperature resistance
Generally, the heat-resistant temperature of synthetic resin paint is below 150°C, while silicone paint can be used for a long time at 200°C. If high-temperature pigments are added, the heat resistance can reach 400°C ~ 500°C, and special ones can also reach 800°C ~ 900°C. Therefore, it is suitable for coating high temperature resistant parts.

2) Electrical performance and hydrophobicity number
Because the outer layer of the silicone paint molecule has a layer of non-polar organic genes and molecular symmetry, it becomes the basic reason for its good electrical insulation and water repellency. In terms of insulation, it not only has high insulation resistance, but also exhibits excellent performance in terms of breakdown range and resistance to high-voltage arc sparks. Therefore, it can be used to impregnate motors and components with high insulation performance requirements to improve insulation components. Insulation class.

The silicone paint film is immersed in water for 168h, and the water absorption is about 0.2%. Therefore, the silicone paint is suitable for use in high temperature and damp environments.

3) High surface activity and low tension
Because polysiloxane is a symmetric molecule, the substituents are long and short polar organic groups, so the entire molecular formula is non-polar. The force between the molecules is small, and the cohesion of the molecules themselves is also small, so the surface tension is small. When it is dispersed on the surface of the medium with high surface tension, the medium can be separated, and because the force between itself and the molecules of the medium is also small , So it can reduce the surface tension of the medium and make it difficult to form foam. This is the reason why silicone oil can be used for defoaming in paint making. Therefore, it can be used as a defoamer and leveling agent in paint to prevent luminescence and pitting of the paint film. The dosage is 0.2% ~ 0.3%.

4) Good cold resistance
Because of the structure of the organic silicon paint macromolecules, the attraction between the molecules is weak, which gives it good cold resistance. The cold resistance of pure silicone is about -50°C, while the polyester-modified silicone paint W31-1 can withstand temperatures below -80°C. Therefore, the paint can be used in more severe cold places.

5) Good chemical resistance
Because of the presence of ether bonds in silicone paint, it has good inherent chemical resistance. For example, the paint film is immersed in 2% acetic acid: 10% hydrochloric acid, 10% nitric acid, 10% sulfuric acid, 10% caustic soda, 10% sodium nitride or butanol, kerosene. After 100 hours, the paint film is still good.

6) Good mildew resistance
Since the silicone paint does not contain oil components, molds cannot survive on the silicone paint film, so that the silicone paint has better anti-mildew properties and is suitable for coating on parts that require special anti-mildew properties.

In short, because this type of paint has the above-mentioned good properties, it has become an indispensable paint in the electrical appliances and national defense industries. It has been widely used in high-temperature mechanical equipment (such as boilers, high-temperature reaction towers, sintering furnaces, etc.), H-class insulation materials, long-term maintenance outdoor equipment, chemical-resistant equipment, etc.

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