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Self-drying Silicone Resin

Jun 1, 2020

1. Features and uses
Performance characteristics: This product is the first one-component surface-drying pure silicone resin in China. It can achieve surface drying in 30 minutes at room temperature (there is corresponding hardness after surface drying, which can be easily operated), and the curing temperature is low (150 "C 30 minutes solidification ). Under the high temperature of 200-400C, it has the characteristics of non-sticking after curing. The product has excellent high and low temperature resistance, water and moisture resistance and good electrical insulation performance. Yellowing, no anti-sticking, no cracking. The product's own acid value is ≤3, the product is clear and transparent, and its weather resistance and chemical stability are also excellent. It is a yellowing-resistant product. Compared with traditional silicone resin, this product has the advantages of energy saving and convenient construction due to normal temperature surface dry low temperature baking, and has significant economic and social benefits.
1. It is suitable for the configuration of heat-resistant coatings that are resistant to high temperature and cannot be baked. Such as smokestacks, steel frame structures, heavy industry equipment, etc.
 2. Suitable for impregnating varnishes of coils and motors above class H, and can be equipped with high temperature resistant mold release agent for class H insulating paint.
 3. Under high temperature environment, the metal surface is protected and resistant to oxidation and rust.
4. It can also be used in oil drilling, high temperature, water and sand resistance, etc.-some new fields that are demanding and difficult to be used by other synthetic resins.
2. Matters needing attention
1. When using this resin, avoid contact with compounds such as acids, alkalis, organic salts and amines, otherwise it will accelerate curing and gelation, which will affect the performance of the product.
2. The thinner used must not contain moisture, sulfides and other impurities, otherwise it will affect the adhesion, dryness and other properties of the paint film.
3. During the processing of resin, a large amount of flammable and explosive gases such as organic solvents will be volatilized. Attention should be paid to strengthen the ventilation on the operation site, prevent fire, cut off the fire source, and operators should pay attention to labor protection.
3. Packaging, storage and transportation
1. Packed in plastic or iron drums (200 kg / drum), sealed with lid. Store in a ventilated, dry place, do not close to heat sources, storage temperature is 0-30 degrees, prevent direct sunlight.
2. This product is transported as a flammable product. The storage period is half a year, and the overdue inspection is qualified and can still be used.

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