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Release paper release agent

Apr 14, 2020

[Classification of release paper] Classification by color: single-silicon white release paper, which means plain paper and silicone oil on one side; single-silicon yellow (blue) release paper, which means that both sides are yellow (blue) Paper. Classification by gram weight: from 35 g / m2 to 250 g / m2 (which can be higher). According to the classification of silicone oil: according to the presence or absence of silicone oil, it can be divided into silicone oil paper and coated paper. Classified by single and double sides: double silicon single seal, which refers to silicone oil on one side and only lamination on one side; double silicon, refers to silicone oil on both sides; single silicon; coated paper, also known as white plastic paper Classification of production: divided into domestic and imported. Can also be classified according to plastic without plastic: divided into plastic release paper and non-plastic release paper; can also be classified according to release agent: divided into silicone release paper and non-silicon release paper. Now introduce several common release paper:
1. Film release paper: After the base paper passes through the film, apply the release agent on the film surface to produce the release paper.
2. Glassine release paper: The release paper produced by applying glassine to the glassine base paper after overpressure.
3. CCK release paper: CCK base paper is a release paper produced by coating a special layer of clay on the surface and then applying a release agent.
4. Other release papers: In addition, some release papers are widely used in many industries, and some do not use release agents. For example, label printers often apply a layer of varnish to areas where mold release is required, and they also have certain mold release capabilities.
【Use of release paper】
1. Glassine (Glassine base paper) silicone oil paper: high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, oil resistance, generally used in food industry packaging.
2. Ordinary release paper: moisture-proof and oil-proof, play the role of product isolation, applicable industries: electronics, automotive foam, printing, etc., its most of the scope of use and sticky together, especially tape, so In general, release paper is used for products that require tape.
3. PVC wallpaper, PVC leather coating foaming process to undertake the role.
【Features of release paper】
1. Cleanliness: refers to the cleanliness and cleanliness of the surface, because the production environment of release paper manufacturers is not the same, most of them are not dust-free studios. Due to cost issues, it is impossible to use dust-free studios. It is said that they are all ordinary factories, and better, there will be many improvements in environmental protection and environment, which will have an impact on cleanliness.
2. Degree of release: refers to the degree of release of release paper. There is no absolute value at this point. It depends on the formula of each manufacturer.
3. Peeling force: refers to whether it is easy to tear off the product, of course, there are strict test standards.
【Release paper】 also known as release paper, release paper, silicone paper. It is an anti-sticking paper that prevents the prepreg from sticking and protects the prepreg from contamination.

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