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Performance of Silicone Resin

Jul 3, 2024

Silicone resin is a type of polymer compound with semi inorganic and semi organic structures, which combines the properties of both inorganic and organic materials. Its dielectric properties remain stable over a wide range of temperature, humidity, and frequency, and it also has excellent thermal oxidation stability, chemical resistance, cold resistance, radiation resistance, flame retardancy, salt spray resistance, mold resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation, hydrophobicity, and anti adhesive demolding properties.Based on this, silicone resin is widely used as high and low temperature resistant insulation paint (including varnish, color paint, enamel, etc.), such as for impregnating H-class motor electrical coils, impregnating glass cloth, glass fiber, and asbestos cloth, making motor insulation sleeves and electrical insulation winding wires, etc; Adhesive mica powder or fragments to make mica plates for high-voltage motor main insulation, as well as mica tubes and mica shaped materials; Adhesive glass cloth is used to make laminated plates and protective materials for moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and salt spray prevention of electronic appliances, components, and the entire machine;

As a base material for special coatings, it is used to produce heat-resistant coatings, weather resistant coatings, wear-resistant and hardening coatings, demolding and anti sticking coatings, burn resistant coatings, and waterproof coatings; Used as a base material or main raw material for the production of moisture resistant adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives, etc; As a basic polymer, it is used in the preparation of high and low temperature resistant, electrically insulating molded plastics, electronic component shell packaging materials, and sponge like products in industries such as electronics, light industry, textiles, construction, and healthcare.

Organic silicon insulation paint
The volume, quality, and service life of electric motors and appliances are largely determined by the performance of the electrical insulation materials used. Generally speaking, the higher the heat resistance and electrical insulation of insulation materials, the smaller the volume, lighter the weight (mainly saving metal materials), and longer the service life of motor appliances under the same power conditions.Insulation materials are usually composed of insulating paint and organic materials (such as paper, cloth, aromatic polyamide non-woven fabric, polyimide film, polyester film, etc.) or inorganic materials (such as glass cloth, asbestos cloth, mica, etc.) in combination.

Insulation paint should have good dielectric properties, high insulation resistance, and electrical strength; Heat resistance performance that matches the usage environment of the motor and electrical appliances; Good mechanical and wear resistance; Good thermal conductivity and moisture resistance; Economical, reliable, and widely sourced. Insulating paint is an important insulation material based on high polymer, which can solidify into an insulation film or insulation whole under certain conditions. It is generally composed of three parts: paint base, solvent or diluent, and auxiliary materials.Various types of electrical insulation materials are required for motor appliances such as DC motor rotors, high-temperature motors, and dry-type transformers, such as insulation paint, paint cloth, paint tape, paint film, paint tube, paint wire, laminated board, etc. According to the scope and form of use, it can be divided into impregnating paint, covering paint, adhesive paint, silicon steel sheet paint, anti corona paint, etc.

The electrical insulation material composed of organic resin and organic materials has a maximum operating temperature of 110 ° C; An electrical insulation material composed of organic resin and inorganic materials, with a maximum operating temperature of 130 ° C; An electrical insulation material composed of pure silicone resin (including silicone rubber and materials) and inorganic materials can be used for a long time at 180 ° C. If starting from siloxane modified organic resins (such as siloxane modified alkyd resins), F-grade (l55 ° C) insulation materials can be obtained.

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